Scholarships in Singapore

Singapore is a centre for education in Asia, offering quality education to national and international students at various levels. Working on developing the strengths and international recognitions of Singapore institutions, the Singapore government is actively promoting and developing the Education industry in Singapore for all international students around the world. Singapore offers a varied and special mix of educational services by establishing standardized institutions and attracting more leading international universities to start functioning in Singapore.

Student Scholarships in Singapore

A number of scholarships are available to students enrolling in government funded institutions in Singapore. Some examples of scholarships to international students going to Singapore are:

ScholarshipNationality of ApplicantsSchools Applicable
Asean ScholarshipsASEAN NationalsGeneral
SIA Youth ScholarshipIndiansGeneral
A*STAR Youth ScholarshipIndiansGeneral
SIA-NOL Undergraduate ScholarshipIndiansNUS, NTU
Dr Goh Keng Swee (GKS) ScholarshipCitizens from Asia PacificNUS, NTU
Nanyang ScholarshipAll NationalitiesNTU
JTC ScholarshipAll NationalitiesNTU
Singtel Group Undergraduate ScholarshipAustralia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia,
Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
The NatSteel Asia's ScholarshipAll nationalitiesNTU
Foreign Students Endowed ScholarshipAsiansSMU
Lee Kong Chian ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
Lim Hang Hing ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
N.R. Thadani ScholarshipIndiansSMU
Sharon Lee Teng Siew ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
SMU Merit AwardAll NationalitiesSMU
SMU ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
SMU Sports ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
The Ian Ferguson Foundation ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
University Study AwardAll NationalitiesSMU
DFS ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
School of Accountancy ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU
SMU - School of Information Systems ScholarshipAll NationalitiesSMU