IELTS (Rural)


This course has been specially designed by experts who have long experience in teaching English and lELTS to the students who belong to Rural Area or who started learning English at later stage. As it has been found by our experts that teaching lELTS is different for Rural students as they face difficulty in many areas of this exam.

In research we have found that traditional Indian way of teaching English is well accepted and well grasped by the rural students. In this special course we adopt this traditional Indian way of teaching so that basic concepts of language can be cleared and we could be able to prepare strong foundation for grammatical correction and other teaching techniques. Then we take them to intermediate level which further clears their doubts and builds their stamina of learning language. After that at third stage we start the training of lELTS (which is advanced level of English) like the real exam.

Our method had been time tested and well proven, which has brought great success and very good results for those students who earlier thought that they could not do well in lELTS. This is a great relief for aspiring lELTS candidates. We wish great success to all our students.